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Body Pump Certification Training


Yay!  I passed my BodyPump certification training!  This training was no joke – 2 ten hour days of intense training, seminars, and presentations.  When I came home after day 2 I slept for 12 hours.  12 HOURS!  That should tell you how crazy this past weekend was.  So let me break it down for you:

Day 1: Glassboro, New Jersey

Our training was held at the Four Seasons Health Club in Glassboro. Wow. Four Seasons Health Club is awesome.  I had gym envy right away.  I am thinking of planning a road trip to Glassboro just to work out there again. After our initial greeting/intos – we moved right into the BodyPump Master Class.  This is a BodyPump class taught by a Master Instructor.  Our instructor, Jacqueline, looked like an athletic Barbie: Beautiful, tall (5’10” I think), and in such amazing shape.  Her class was amazing – she definitely had some fitness magic.

Athletic Barbie smiling all day

After the Master Class I got to know some of the other trainees a little bit better.  The vast majority of my fellow trainees were instructors from Four Seasons. Another reason to go back to Four Seasons – all of their instructors are super fit.  Not only am I hanging out with athletic Barbie, but all Barbie’s sorority sisters who are equally as hot.  (Enter super self-conscious Courtney).  Four Seasons currently does not offer BodyPump – so this style of workout was new to them.  It did not take them long to quickly pick it up and master their tracks.

BP Girls

When I walked out to my car during one of our breaks, I noticed a huge picture of one of the women taking the training on the wall.  In the picture she is posing with Arnold Schwartzennager and it says, “Fitness Hall of Fame”.  I am intrigued by this.  A quick google search reveals she is Cathe Friedrich – one of the pioneers of fitness/workout videos and has made over 190 DVDs.  Besides being in amazing shape, beautiful, and so nice – she also has awesome T-shirts that say “Cathlete”.   Did I say she was in amazing shape?  Well if I didn’t, let me say it again – Cathe’s in amazing shape.  AND I got to take a BP class right next to her!  AND, when I presented my track she said I did a great job!

Day 2:

I was very sore from Day 1, but that doesn’t stop our trainer from pushing us all to the next level with   BodyPump 2 times AND the BodyPump Challenge.  I learned so much at BP training – form, technique, and how to coach.  I made some great friends. I met a fitness legend.  But most importantly, I PASSED!

Master BP Class Master BP Class 2 master class 3

Now I get to be the fitness video star!  In order to complete the final step of BP certification I need to film myself teaching an entire BP release in front of class.  I will be holding an open casting call….ok, just kidding.  But I will be doing a video – and I could use some friendly, smiling faces in my class.  So if you ever thought about a career in Hollywood – give me call.

Have you ever taken a Body Pump Class? If so what do you think of it?

Questions about my certification training? Ask away!!!!



12 thoughts on “Body Pump Certification Training

  1. Awesome Job! It sounds like your training went well and you had a great time! My training is this coming weekend. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. Was yours on 87 or 88? I have the whole release memorized and my I feel really confident on my two tracks. Did you present both your assigned tracks? Good luck with your assessment video. Congrats on passing!


    1. I had to present lunges and shoulders. We presented our assigned tracks on Friday and Saturday. We learned on BP release 88. There were people in my training that hadn’t ever seen or done the video- so if you come with the entire release memorized you will be good to go! I have since submitted and passed my video-so now it’s really official. I was very nervous taping myself, and I made a few minor mistakes- but I passed! And just this week I received the New release- BP 89- and it’s awesome!! I cannot wait until our YMCA does the launch!


  2. That is awesome that you passed your video assessment! Way to go! Lunges and shoulders are great tracks! They are tough in that release! I have chest and back. The chest track is one of my favorites as it is so much fun! I am nervous about the tricep track. That one in super tough. I have been working hard to master tricep pushups but that is a lot of pushups on your toes! Thanks for getting back to me. I am really excited!


  3. Congratulations on your training and passing your BP video!!! I just went to training this winter too (in January) in North Jersey. I am actually from South Jersey…about 20 minutes from Glassboro! Anyway, I just sent my video in and I am waiting to hear back. How long did it take you to hear back from them? What kind of little mistakes did you make? It’s so hard to tell how tough/critical the assessors will be. I am nervous bc I do have some timing issues but I think I did a good job altogether…I know my overhead presses in shoulder track were a little fast and my first set of clean & presses in the back track were a little off as well. Congrats to you again!


    1. I’m interested in hearing more about your video too! I passed my training two weeks ago and am getting ready to tape and was curious how perfect you thought you did and how hard they assess? I’m getting pretty comfortable from my teaching I’ve done since I got back from training but want to make sure I am ready! Thanks!


      1. I know I made a few mistakes on my video- but I received great reviews! The feedback I did receive included that I stand with my feet a little wider than they suggest- although personally I don’t feel like I do. I know I made a few minor mistakes- but I wasn’t docked any point for it and the reviewer didn’t mention my mistakes in their comments. I think it’s critical that you can get back on track if you mess up- which I did, so I think that’s why they didn’t dock it for me. You will be fine I am sure! And I only did the first section of triceps push-ups on my toes- so don’t worry about that. They did say I had good form on those! I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the video of myself- my form was great and I looked strong! I was one of those people that always went to Pump, but never thought I could teach. Then our 5:30 am instructor moved due to a job, so I stepped in to take her place. I started by team teaching- which is a great way to ease into it. Now I LOVE it! AND the new release (BP 89) is so amazing! Check out the triceps (lady gaga) and the back track (new move)- and Ellie Goulding on the lunge track!!

        Good luck!


      2. Thanks for the feedback! I am focusing in my 2nd layer cues and trying to remember to put enough of those in. I am confident on the choreo and had so much fun teaching half of a class a few days ago. My goal is what you did- to do the first set of tricep pushups on my toes and the rest on my knees. Our module instructor stressed form being the most important and I don’t want to sacrifice form just to try to stay on toes. I know I will continue to get stronger so that will come. Thanks for your tips it made me feel better and I’m excited for my video! Waiting to watch 89 til I video. I can’t wait though because I am sure it is great!


    1. You do not have to be a certified trainer to teach this class but you do have to attend the Body Pump Training that Les Mills holds. I have post about it here:

      It is a really awesome experience and I would highly recommend it if this is something you are committed to and serious about. Check with your gym or gyms in the area of a need for Body Pump instructors as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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