Product Review: energybits


I am pleased to announce my first official product review!

I was contacted by energybits to sample their product and let you know my thoughts on them. I am excited to not only tell you about this awesome product, but even offer you a discount so you can try them yourself! Now onto the review……

Being a runner I have often struggled with finding the energy to complete a run. My lack of energy can very easily be attributed to my busy life, 2 kids under 2, or even the times that I pick to run (after a long work day, early in the morning before a work day). Most times I will try to have a quick snack or even some kind of drink to help give me a burst of energy but as you know, it is a burst of energy, not the steady stream I had hoped for. When I was contacted by energybits  I was excited because I knew this was something I would love to try and may help me with my small problem of getting tired. 


To see just how effective this product really is I decided to test it out on a Monday-when I knew I would be at my lowest (mentally tired from teaching 200+ middle school students, being tired from not going to bed early enough on Sunday, hungry and ready for dinner, tired from running errands after school,ect) I knew I wanted to run more than 3 miles since I did not get a long run in over the weekend but did not have an exact amount set in my mind. I carefully read the attached instructions for using energybits ((They are NOT hard to use correctly, I just wanted to make sure I did it correctly!))  and began to take my 30 small little bits by swallowing them with my water. The instructions do recommend swallowing them and not chewing them because of the taste they may leave in your mouth. I must say the bits do have a slightly funky smell to them, but they DO NOT leave a funky taste in your mouth–which is good! They are also VERY EASY to swallow! 

Now onto the actual run!!! So I set out on my run and was hoping for the best! I left my neighborhood and headed towards town. I ran towards a nearby neighborhood that has a mile loop around it. I am not a distance runner and often stop to talk walk breaks- usually because I am tired or I am bored. Today was different- I was focused and surprisingly did not feel tired at all! I did stop to walk after completing the loop through the nearby neighborhood because I was interested in seeing my distance and time at that point in my run. By that point I was just shy of 3 miles and was around 27 minutes. I continued to feel strong and truly did have a steady stream of energy throughout my run. I ended up completing 5 miles in 46:00. I was surprised at first that it did not take me less time considering my last 5 mile race I completed in 45:40 but I did have to take crossing streets, traffic and different level sidewalks into consideration during my Monday run, whereas in a race there were zero distractions. 

Here is what my splits looked like:

Mile 1: 9:10

Mile 2: 9:24

Mile 3: 9:27

Mile 4: 9:38

Mile 5: 9:21

As you can see I maintained a steady pace throughout my 5 miles. I can say that during this run I did not feel tired or even hungry. I was shocked by the fact that I did not feel hungry because that is usually the time of day that I feel as if I could eat a cow! Also another important detail- these bits did not upset or mess with my stomach at all!! 

Recommendation and Discount Code:

Overall I would definitely recommend using energybits and I do plan to use them again! If you are looking for energy while running –give them a try!  I felt energized and ready to go and I was shocked at the ease that I finished my 5 mile run. If you think energybits are something you would like to try visit their web site http://www.energybits.com and use the code BLOG to save 10% instantly!  

The website has loads of information on how the bits work, what they are made up of and all that other good stuff- so be sure to check it out! If you try the bits I’d love to know what you think about them as well!!! 


3 thoughts on “Product Review: energybits

  1. Hi Kristen! I just tried out Energy Bits myself! I like them & hope to try more to see the difference. It’s always fun to try new things in our training. I was happy with my opportunity. That’s smart that you tried them on a “mentally” tough day to test the powers of the bit!


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