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The Plan


As I think about what is in store for 2014, one big thing is my first Half Marathon of the year. Currently the first and only 1/2 on the calendar is for May 17th which takes place in St. Michaels, Maryland. I am an ambassador for the race and am very excited to run a flat and very scenic race. The 1/2 is part of the St. Michaels Running Festival which also includes a 10k and 5k. Since I am an ambassador I have enlisted some of my friends to sign up and join in on the fun! ((If you are interested in signing up please use the code ambkristenjo and you can save 10%))

I have a start date of January 28th for my sub 2:15 1/2 marathon training plan. I plan to use the training program from my runkeeper app and website to hopefully attain a sub 2:15 race time. ((Hopefully you can click on the link and view the schedule month by month, if not I will be posting my weekly schedule and recapping how it went)) My last 1/2 I finished in 2:14 (yes I am still smiling about that) and am hoping to finish even quicker this time around. To be honest my last 1/2 I did not really train for. I just ran when I had time, and most of my runs were short (2-3 miles). My longest training run was 7 miles -which I was able to do 2 times before the race in November. If you would like a hard copy of the plan as a calendar, shoot me an email and I can send you the attachment (kdstewart4@gmail.com)

Here is the information that summarizes the plan from RunKeeper:

Sub 2:15 Half Marathon

This training plan will help you break 2:15 for a half marathon. You should be capable of starting out at 20 miles per week and will progress to a peak of 40 miles per week. You will slowly advance both your volume and pace so you will reach race day ready to finish with a time of sub 2:15 without getting hurt in the training process. The program implements race specific tempo runs and shorter speed workouts. The short speed workouts will help improve your speed and, with the short rest, also advance your stamina. The tempo runs will slowly progress your ability to run at goal race pace and increase your endurance while keeping you healthy. All slow runs should be completed at 11:15 to 11:50 pace or slower

As I was reviewing the training plan I was slightly shocked to see the following things:

  • the first long run, right off the bat is 7 miles–nothing like getting right after it!
  • within the first month you are running double digits!!!!
  • before the end of March I will have a 13 Mile run in (hopefully)
  • the plan switches to 5 days a week from 4 in March
  • in April the long runs are: 14 miles, 14 miles, 10 miles and then 15 and May has a 14 miler as well!!! (I have never run longer then 13.1 so I am anxious to see how running 13+ goes)

Things I like about this plan:

  • it is on runkeeper so I can simply click the run and do it! I get a check if I complete it and a sad face if I don’t
  • it has a shorter run scheduled for Saturday, longest run on Sunday and a rest day Monday- I like having the flexibility of doing my long run Saturday, rest Sunday and shorter run Monday if needed or another variety of the combination.
  • there are many opportunities for long runs right off the bat and throughout the plan

I know that I will be running other races before the 1/2 but I like having a PLAN!

Are you on Runkeeper? If so add me as a friend (Kristen Jones) and you can help cheer me on as I complete my training plan and I can cheer you on as well!

Have you ever used a Runkeeper training plan? Did you like it?

How far in advance do you start training for a race?




7 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. 40 miles a week is a ton of mileage for a 1/2. I do not know if I would actually be comfortable training that much…actually I wouldn’t have the time! lol I say go for it and if you need a running partner for the long weekend runs, I will be happy to join you! 🙂


  2. Good luck! I haven’t used Runkeeper, I use my Garmin. I am currently training for a full marathon in April and am giving myself 16 weeks (on week 3 now..eek), but for a half, I’d probably do an 8 week program since I keep my mileage up enough during the off season to not have to build too much of a base.


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