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New Year and a NEW CONTRIBUTOR!!!

run or dyeYou may remember me mentioning my older, much wiser sister in past posts. She has always been an influence and supporter in my fitness journey and now she can be one for you as well! She teaches classes at her local gym and has agreed to help spread some of knowledge, fun and love here for YOU and me!! Check out the “about” page soon for her bio and contact information!!!!

So it is my pleasure to introduce DR. Courtney Stewart! She is starting off by giving us a sneak peak into her New Year, New Playlist she is using in her spin class…Take a look below!

new year, new playlist

New Year, New Playlist

Behind every sweaty workout is an awesome playlist!  As an instructor – I know the importance of selecting motivating, upbeat music that will really encourage people to take it to the next level and push a little harder than they thought they could –all while keeping things fresh and incorporating new jams and old classics.  I designed this playlist for a 50 minute spin class and it includes a 4 minute warm-up and a 7 minute cool down and stretch.   However, these songs are so amazing – they will translate into any class or workout you can dream up.  Here is my new 2014 spin playlist – download and enjoy.  Now I just have to remember to use the edited versions in my class….


1. Everything’s Magic//Angels and Airwaves//3:50//warm-up

2.The Night Out (Madeon Remix)//Martin Solveig//3:39//Seated into Standing Climb

3.Out of My League//Fitz & the Tantrums//3:31//JUMPS baby! you better be sweating by the end of this one!

4.I Can Only Imagine//David Guetta, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne//3:30//Who doesn’t love Lil Wayne?! Seated Climb with standing during Wheezy’s rap solos.

5.Alone Together//Fall Out Boy//3:23//Attacks. This song is perfect for attacks-the chorus is intense and you have enough time to fit in 3 challenging attacks with little rest between. You will be begging for a recovery song next.

6.This is What It Feels Like (featuring Trevor Guthrie)//Armin van Buuren//3:23//Recovery, sprint at the end.

7.Burn//Ellie Goulding//3:51//LOVE this song-power climb- max resistance, max pace.

8. Let’s GO//Matt and Kim//3:30//Springs- 2 seated, 1 standing

9. If//Janet Jackson//4:31//An oldie, but a goodie! Seated and Standing climb.

10.This is Gospel//Panic!At the Disco//3:07//More Attacks (you can never have too many attacks!!

11.Read my Mind//The Killers//4:06//Increasing tension intervals, 15 seconds, maintain pace

12. Take Me Home (Featuring Bebe Rexha)//Cash Cash/3:25//Love this song too! Standing climb.

13. Slow Down//Selena Gomez//3:30//Any song produced by the Cataracts earns a spot on my playlist. Power Climb, max resistance and pace- sprint at the end after Selena says Cataracts.

14.Starry Eyed//Ellie Goulding//2:57//I literally cannot get enough of Ellie. I use this song as a recovery song and begin stretching towards the end.

15. Delayed Devotion//Duffy//2:57//Stretch and relfect on what an awesome workout you just had!

Stay tuned for more posts from the Doc herself! I am very excited to have a co-contributor on Jonesin’ for a run!!!


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