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This is the Year


It’s that time to think about all the things you want to accomplish in 2014. To be honest I have a huge flaw (well only one I want to talk about here) I struggle to stay 100% committed to things. I will start a project or training and slowly let something else take the drivers seat. Now I will tell you my new year goal is to not stay committed and follow through with everything because to be honest it won’t happen! I know with my somewhat crazy, on-the-go life with my two kids, 200+ students, laundry, cooking, cleaning (you get the idea) it is hard to stay focused when sometimes life happens and projects or training go by the wayside. One of my admirable traits is that I do not beat myself up over the unfinished projects. Yes I do feel a bit annoyed that yet again I didn’t finish something but chances are I’m onto something new! All that being said I have complied a list of goals for myself. They are more like statements and can be open for interpretation and I really can’t quit on them!


1. Move More- this year I will finish out with over 500 miles. This includes running and walking due to the fact that I was pregnant half the year and had a c-section. I did run two half marathons, a handful of 5ks, a 10k, a 7-miler, a 5-miler and a 4-miler. This upcoming year I just want to continue to MOVE!

2. Be thankful for every little thing- yes I say thank you and I mean it but I want to take time this year and reflect on how blessed I am and truly be thankful. This may mean more thank you cards, more doing things for others- but bottom line it is to be thankful and show gratitude- even for the little things!

3. Pray for others- I have always prayed and I always will but it usually only included those I know or love. Why be so selfish? This year I want to pray for others and maybe even let them know I am! I was at the local grocery store a few weeks ago and the register attendant was sharing with me her foot has been hurting. We talked for a few minutes and before I left I told her that I hope it feels better and that I would pray for her and her foot. She lit light up and said thank you. I do hope now a month or more later her foot feels better but either way it brings a smile to my face thinking about the smile that was on hers that day. So why not pray for others? And maybe even tell them that you are?

4. Give back- it’s time for me to get involved. I always say I am going to do it, but I am this year. I keep seeing signs for coat drives and that is just so easy! Why not clean out my over stuffed coat closet and help keep someone else warm. I cannot, and will not let my busy life be the excuse of why I cannot find time to help others.

I look forward to this new year and what it has in store. 2013 was such a great year I am sad to see it go but change is exciting and I am ready to start working on my goals. What do you have planned for 2014? Goals? Resolutions?

I wish each and everyone of you true joy and happiness as we enter 2014. Happy New Year!

One thought on “This is the Year

  1. Good luck on your goals! I too have trouble getting 100% commitment out of myself. I usually go 3/4 of the way and then get distracted by the next thing I want to throw myself at. Here’s to this being “The Year”!


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