Meal Prep Monday!


This month has been such a blur I honestly cannot remember the last time that I cooked a meal! I have been off school and my break comes to an end Thursday- and then me and the Mr. are headed out of town for a wedding! With our busy schedule ahead I took advantage of the day and did my meal prep Monday!

On the list of items I made today were:
-2 lasagnas for New Years Eve dinner with friends and family
-2 portions of homemade meat sauce
-2 Mexican casseroles



-King Ranch Chicken



-Italian crescent casserole

And stocked ingredients to make a pot roast and Mexican chicken crescents.

After all that cooking and a day filled with unchristmasfying and decluttering I am tired! I am ready for the new year and cannot wait to share my goals with you!

Do you have any favorite meals to pre cook and freeze?
Interested in any of my recipes? Feel free to email me at kdstewart4@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday!

    1. At times it seems full but they go fast! Since right now I only cook in advance for me and the hubs I split my meals in half to freeze! A great source for freezer meals is once a month cooking- that is what got me started on freezing in the first place!


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