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A new week is here which means it is time for another edition of #mondaynightmiles. I am not sure if it was lack of interest in the two teams or too much turkey but only a few of us picked our team (Seahawks) and we all picked right! I still did a 5 mile run to complete the Fall 5 or 10 series that mommy run fast puts on! I can proudly say I completed the challenge and even ordered myself a medal! Now I just need to win a medal rack- hint,hint pavementrunner.

Anyway back to this week- we have Dallas taking on the Bears. I am picking da bears! How about you?? Get your pick in and get your friend to pick too! Everyone likes a little friendly competition right?!

Justin Mac

One thought on “#mondaynightmiles

  1. Just starting my base for the spring racing season, so I’ll pick the Bears. Which means they’ll probably lose and I’ll have another reason for a long run Tuesday (in Vegas!)


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