October in a Nutshell

ImageSo an entire month has passed since I returned to work. The transition is over and I am now back into the swing of things. The days are long, my bed time is early, but I am so far managing it all. I miss my babies more than anything and cannot wait to get home and play with them- I literally smile the entire 35 minute ride home because I cannot wait for Reagan to smile and scream as soon as I walk in the door-talk about heart melting! One of my initial concerns was how I could manage maintaining a consistent fitness routine, along with working full time and being a good mom and wife. I know there are countless females out there that have been able to accomplish this goal, but I know myself, and I know that if something has to go, it is usually running and working out. This time around I have been making running and working out a priority, but also allowing myself “days off” when it really just is not going to happen. Typically I try to attend spinning class 2 times a week. This is fun for me and I enjoy the socialization it bring to the table. The other days I try to do some sort of run. Lately I have really been getting into trying to work on my speed. I have no real, scientific based plan, I simply jack the speed up on the treadmill and RUN! So far my plan has been working! I was running anywhere from a 10:30-11:00 mile and now if the treadmill is on any speed below 6 I feel like I am barely moving! Yes you may have caught that–I did say treadmill. Many of you are probably thinking that I am foolish for not running outside when the temp is finally cool but sometimes it is so easy to take a few steps into the office where I can put on thoughtless TV shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and E! True Hollywood story and just run! Some week night runs are short 2 milers, but what is exciting for me is that I can manage these 2 mile runs in 20 minutes! As I continue my “speed work” I am hoping I will be able to fit in longer runs at a faster pace, but until then I am pleased with whatever it is I can get done while dinner is in the oven. Another part of my speed increasing I contribute to the plank challenge that I participated in at the end of the month. It started out simple, but by the end of the 5th or 6th day it became very challenging! I was surprised at how my core got stronger in  just those few days. I have tried add “planking” into my daily grind- even if it is while playing with the kids on the floor. My  challenge that I am focusing on this month is the push up challenge. I hate push ups. I think they are hard and I always do the “female style” push up when given the task to do them.

ImageFor the 30 day push up challenge I am still being a baby and completing them “female style” but who cares- I am doing push ups and that is all that matters. My last month long challenge I bailed after about day 20. I missed a few days and just abandoned the plan. That challenge required having hand weights which meant if I was already in my room ready for bed, the daily list of exercises got skipped- with this challenge I literally can do it anywhere- NO EXCUSES!

I am currently on day 5, but it is not to late to start. Jump in today and begin. It is awesome to feel your arms get stronger each and every day. If you think it is audacious to do more than 15 push ups at a time, break it up into 5 in the morning, 5 at lunch and 5 before bed. It does not matter how you do them- you just have to do them! Check out the challenge and join in! I would love to hear about your experience!

ImageDuring the month of October I completed the @Joggermom virtual marathon. I truly love this event.

I did not win any of the awesome prizes this time around, but they did encourage me to run not 1 virtual marathon, but TWO! I ended with a total of 61.6 miles for the month and a few spin classes here and there. I am now only 57 miles away from my goal of 500 miles. It is crazy to think I will accomplish my goal, and maybe even a month early! My clothes are slowly starting to fit better and I can feel my body getting stronger and more fit. I have also been very observant about what I have been eating and the size of portions I eat. My goal is to eat a meal and feel good afterwards, not tired and ready for a nap. So far this has been working. The few times that I do eat to much I really do not like the full feeling and it reminds me to be more observant to what I am doing. All in all I am happy where I am in my work life, fitness life and with running. I am pushing myself to do things I never thought I would do and hopefully encouraging others along the way. Now that October is over and November is here, it is 1/2 Marathon month. Training days are limited and I am anxious to see what the race clock ends up saying on November 23rd. Do you have any races this month? Have you started to plan your 2014 race calendar? Share your fall fun and Happy November!

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