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#mondaynightmiles week 6


It is the 6th week of football which means Monday night miles is on its 6th installment. The first few weeks I did an excellent job of picking and did not owe any miles. As the season has progressed more woman are participating and more miles are being run. Monday night miles started out as a fun way to look at the Monday night games as well as add some additional mileage to each week- if you picked wrong! The past three weeks I have been wrong on my picks but have been thoroughly enjoying my 5 mile runs. My hope is that others have enjoyed my football fitness challenge and logged some extra mileage as well!

This week we have the Colts playing the Chargers. I am going with the Chargers! Who are you going with? Don’t forget to post your #mondaynightmiles sweaty selfies or fitness app tracker info after your run! Good luck and can’t wait to see the results!


Week 6 Picks: 

Chargers: only me so far 😦

Colts: Blair Morse, Amy Evans, Tersa Simmons, Billie Fox, Jessica Crandell, Tiffany Reddish

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