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Winner, winner

So on Facebook @joggermom had another win it Wednesday event. The event was simple- finish the statement “running is my…..” I answered the statement with “running is my time to count my blessings and send up my prayers, all while breaking a sweat.” I was shocked to see on Monday that I was chosen as the winner! I have sweet new Adidas headphones coming my way! ((If you have not signed up for October’s virtual marathon through Joggermom I do not think it is too late! I did one back in the spring and I was randomly picked as a winner— and I won a $50.00 Amazon gift card!! SCORE!!))

Running truly is the only time my mind feels clear and I can reflect on all that I am thankful for. During the day my mind goes a million miles a minute with adding more items to my to-do list, wondering if the pantry will ever getting organized, or If i will ever find time to pull up the remnants of my garden- but during a run none of that matters.

I used to feel like running was a chore, but even now while training for a race it feels different. I think once I neared the end of my pregnancy I was extremely grateful that I was able to be physically active my entire pregnancy and feel great the entire time! Once I had Tanner I was even more grateful for another healthy baby. I could sit here and list so many things I am grateful for but I would not have the time -my list is so long! Some people like to say they are lucky but I am not believer in that- I am blessed with many great things and people in my life- that my friends has nothing to do with being lucky! Winning the headphones is just another small reminder of how blessed I am!


So how have you been blessed? What are you thankful for?

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