Monday Night Miles ((a season long running challenge))


Football is back and I could not be more excited! Football is filled with competition at all levels- on the field, on the computer thanks to fantasy football and now with the help of Pavementrunner we are taking the competition to the road, trail, treadmill or whatever your favorite running surface is. Pavementrunner inspired this type of challenge with his playoff football running challenge that will come later on in the football season! ((p.s. THANKS for the awesome #Mondaynightmiles graphic))

#Mondaynightmiles will be a simple you pick who you think will win the Monday night football game challenge. If you are right, you owe nothing and can brag a little. If you are wrong you owe 5 miles. You can do your miles all at once or spread it out over the week, just as long as your 5 are done before the following Monday night game.

Once you complete your #Mondaynightmiles be sure to post your picture on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hash tag #Mondaynightmiles
Be sure to check back for my pick of who I think will win the Monday night game each week and leave your pick in the comment section for a little bit of friendly competition!

Here is to a fun-filled football seasons with lots of #Mondaynightmiles!!


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