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Mid-Year Fitness Report

half way

So Yesterday I received an email with the subject “Mid-Year Fitness Report for 2013”. Even though I already knew exactly how many miles I have ran/walked so far this year it was nice to see a small reminder that the year was half over and how close I am to my goal of 500 miles for the year.

My summary looked like this:

Workouts: 93

Total Distance: 217.4

Hours: 66.7

I must say I am proud of my results this far. I was hoping to get to 250 before baby #2 but I do still have a few days to get a few more miles in! I know for most “real” runners they cover that amount of miles in a month probably but as we all know, I am just a wanna-be runner- which I am perfectly happy with!

As my pregnancy comes to an end I have been getting very excited about what is next for me. I have already signed up for a Run or Dye 5k in August and still have hopes to somehow get into the Dogfish Dash 10k ((Sam if you read this I am desperate to get a spot in the race…I tried numerous times on April 1s to register but I was not able to-of course all my freinds did. This was my first post-pregnancy race last year and would love to come dominiate it again this year)) ((p.s. your segment on the Today Show was awesome today!))  Other than that I have nothing on my race calendar. I do plan to train for a half marathon that is in October but that will be dependent on my healing, ability to actaully train with 2 kids, work, and everything else in life there is to juggle. My sister just recently asked me to sign up for a Spartan race. I plan to sign up for this, which is later in September. It is a 5k with obstacles. I think it will fun and a challenge, which is good for anyone. I do not want to overwhlem myself with a ton of races this fall but I do know that if I do not sign up for them- I will not get any miles in. As I was on my daily walk yesterday with my little stroller buddy I actaully ran a little bit. It was litteraly only around a culd-a-sac or two but it did feel good and made me miss running. In my excitement to begin running again I actaully already made my Post-Baby Jams Running Playlist. It is still a work in progress but check out my “Playlist” section to see what I have added!

Only a few more days till baby #2 and the life of a family of 4. It is crazy how anxious, yet excited I am. So many changes ahead and cannot wait. Before I know it, I will be writing about my End of year Fitness Report!! So how are you feeling about your Mid-Year Fitness Report? Are you happy with your results? Do you feel like you need to kick it up a notch or are you in good condition for your 2013 goal? Have you not set a goal yet– what are you waiting for start one now to end December 31st. It is never to late!

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