Customer service to the rescue

So now that we are out of school and fully embracing summer break, my BOB has been getting some serious use. It not only hauls Reagan on the beach but I load that bad boy up with supplies. It has doubled as a high chair for when visiting friends and Reagan needed lunch and it has also been used as a place for R to nap. Talk about multipurpose!!! As we were leaving an afternoon at the pool and then a walk down the “Fenwick Boardwalk” I tried to get R out of her stroller. She was tired, headed for a breakdown and I realized the little button to release her harness seat belt was missing. She must of caught on to my panic of not being able to get her out because the breakdown happened. She was crying and I was freaking out not knowing how to get her out. After taking a deep breathe I realized I could loosen all the straps and wiggle her out. I was relieved Reagan was out of the stroller but then the harsh reality set it that without that button, the stroller did not offer me much. Once we got home I immediately looked up replacement parts for the BOB. The good news was that I found where I could buy the front harness part for $9.00 but I had no idea how I would actually replace it since all the straps are sown into the stroller. I continued searching and decided to go straight to the BOB website and see if I could contact them. I found the phone number and times they were staffed for calls- unfortunately it was not staffed hours so the phone call had to wait. I ended up calling yesterday morning and talked to the nicest customer service rep. I told her my dilemma and she said UPS will be delivering a new button in 2 days! I guess I was just expecting the run around or one of those “sorry it’s not our fault” answers. I was even more relieved when I realized 1. The replacement button is free of charge and shipping and 2. All I have to do is pop the button back in…. No crazy taking anything apart or sewing thank goodness!

I really wanted to share my love for my BOB and now my love has grown beyond just my stroller and moved on to their customer service as well!

Other updates: 37 weeks pregnant. Feeling great and having a lot of Braxton hicks contractions. So ready for #2 but enjoying my time with Chad and Reagan. I am up to 20.3 miles for June and a total of 208 for the year. I tried to do a little jog on my walk today. I could totally do it comfortably, it was just hot and I figured walking at this point is just as a good work out šŸ™‚

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