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It’s been a while….

I cannot believe I have slacked so much that I have not posted anything in a month! Guess that is the life of a full time, working mom. Here is an update of what has been going on:

Work: today marked finishing my fifth year of teaching! I must say its been a whirlwind of a 5 years and its been fun but how many more years before I can retire!?! This year was great. I had a great babysitter to watch baby R and I definitely learned to work smarter, not harder. Here’s to hoping the next 25 are as good!

Pregnancy: I am exactly 4 weeks away from my repeat csection. It’s hard to believe that in just a matter of days we will have a teeny, tiny baby back in the house. I still feel great and continue to enjoy every minute of being pregnant. We are ready for the new baby to get here. We decided to not find out the sex again so we are very anxious to learn if Reagan will have a baby brother or sister. We have a boy name picked out but we cannot decide on a girl name. Guess we will be taking a short list to the hospital and deciding there! I made the biggest decision of this pregnancy and decided on a double stroller to purchase. I spent quite a bit of time researching what was out there and really thought about how much I wanted to spend. I already have a single BOB and love it- seriously nothing compares. As much as I wanted a double BOB I just could not justify spending that much on one. Even on sale and stalking prices online I just could not commit. I ended up getting the safari inline tandem stroller. It was under $200 and the biggest selling point for this stroller was I knew I could get it through a standard doorway. After putting it together I was in shock now big it was but after parking my single BOB next to it, it didn’t seem that much bigger. It is a bit heavy, but aren’t all jogging doubles? It will hold my infant car seat and does have cup holders and sun visors for the kiddos. I did borrow my friends baby and tried it out– I must say I was pleased!! Turns great and easy to push- so easy to push my friends other child (7years old) could push it and turn with no problem! I am excited to put some serious miles on it and will really break down the pros and cons once I spend some more time behind the handle bar.

Fitness: I must admit I have scaled back in this area. I have traded my running shoes for walking shoes-not because I cannot run, but because I’d rather walk. I participated in the joggermom virtual marathon that took place over the month of May. I am so glad I took the time to do this, not only because it felt great to stay active, but because I was one of the winners!!! I won one of the $50.00 Amazon gift cards! Once you finish and submit your miles random finishers were selected as winners. I was so pumped to win. It really felt great to win something after putting in the work. As of today I have logged 193 miles. I am still hoping to have 250 logged by the time baby #2 comes. This is very doable since school is out but I do need some of this rain to stop!! I was still attending spinning class but have been busy the days it was offered. Hoping to get a few more in the next few weeks.

Other info:
-Reagan’s first birthday is next week! I can hardly believe it!
– I encountered my first really bad smelling person at spin class. It was terrible and it made the class seem like it may never end.
-I am rotating back and forth between extreme nesting and extreme napping. I’m either cleaning like a freak of nature or napping anywhere, anytime.
-new favorite songs: cruise/Florida Georgia line and Fall down/ & Miley Cyrus ((yes I am still obsessed with all things Miley))

That is enough for now. Until next time– and I promise it won’t be a month!

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