Customer service to the rescue

So now that we are out of school and fully embracing summer break, my BOB has been getting some serious use. It not only hauls Reagan on the beach but I load that bad boy up with supplies. It has doubled as a high chair for when visiting friends and Reagan needed lunch and it… Continue reading Customer service to the rescue

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Maybe you can believe all you read…

So I along with tons and tons of other women (and maybe men) have downloaded the “what to expect when you are expecting” app for my phone. It gives little tid bits each day and gives a week overview of what is going on with you and the baby. It also compares your baby to… Continue reading Maybe you can believe all you read…

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It’s been a while….

I cannot believe I have slacked so much that I have not posted anything in a month! Guess that is the life of a full time, working mom. Here is an update of what has been going on: Work: today marked finishing my fifth year of teaching! I must say its been a whirlwind of… Continue reading It’s been a while….