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Who would of thought…plus some needed help on strollers

Last week I only logged 3 miles. I took two walks ((1.5 miles each around the neighborhood)) and went to a spinning class. That was what my week consisted of workout wise. I was excited at the thought of taking some time off from running and not focusing so much on it, but I missed it. I never would of thought that would of been the case. Not only did I miss running but my mood was not very good last week. I may be able to blame it on pregnancy but I was irritable, quick to be frustrated and very tired! I think not running had something to do with it, plus the fact that my perfect sleeping baby decided to get up multiple times through the night. I sometimes forget that running or even walking is not about how many miles you log but just about enjoying the down time away from everything else in life! This week is calling for not so nice weather so I may have to settle for some time on the treadmill and you know what- I am ok with it! The treadmill in the office can sometimes be the perfect little oasis that is needed after a long day at school.

We eneded up not running the 5k on Sunday. Yard work took the #1 spot of things to do this weekend and I must say it feels great to have a bulk of it done! Vegetables are planted, herbs are potted and mulch is down! Now all that is left is to plant some flowers!

I am now in week 30 of pregnancy. Only 9 more to go! My new focus has been trying to find a decent double stroller. I have been scouring the Internet for good reviews of decently priced strollers and I just cannot commit to one. I wish I had unlimited funds and could just get a double BOB because I am obssed with my single, but I just cannot spend that much money on one thing- no matter how amazing it probably is. I have been leaning towards the InStep Safai Tandem Stroller simply because it is front and back vs. side by side. The reviews are two wishy washy and I just cannot pull the trigger and order it. What double strollers have you heard good things about? Any advice or knowledge I need to know before I commit to one?

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