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Who Does Care?

So I recently came across a great article by Jeff Gaudette called,  If you run slow, who cares and it really was the inspiration I was looking for to get me through Sunday’s half. I already said in my last post that I was aiming for 3:30- To me this time is slow, but really, who does care? If I finish, I finish and I will get some sweet bling for finishing, whether it takes me all 4:00 or under my planned time. I am always hesitant to consider myself a runner simply because of the fact that I am slow but does your time determine if you are a runner or not? Last time I checked, it doesn’t!

I have been keeping up with my April Challenge and already am up to 57.8 miles for this month (that does include walks here and there with my little stroller buddy) The awesome part is that the month is not even over yet! It is amazing what you can get done when you actually make time to get out and do something, whether it is one mile around the neighborhood or a nice 5 miler! I have already found my May challenge thanks to another blogger that I follow, Mom’s Little Running Buddy. This challenge is from JoggerMom who has organized a virtual marathon for the month of May. All you have to do is log 26.2 miles throughout the month of May! You do have to pay a minimal fee and you can win some really awesome prizes. As much as I would LOVE to win some of the prizes, I am registered simply to keep myself accountable. I do know my energy level will probably start to decrease as my belly continues to grow but I know 26.2 is doable.

My next post will be post-half marathon! Here’s to 13.1 through D.C. and who cares how long it takes me to finish!!!

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