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One Week From Today…


In exactly one week from today I am hoping to be meeting up with my sister somewhere in the hundreds of people that participated in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. We will be walking slowly back to our hotel to finish off another Georgetown Cupcake to celebrate finishing the race with our Tiffany’s necklaces proudly displayed!

I have had a lot of mixed emotions about this race but now I have put all those behind me and am now just very excited. I have been worried for months that I would not be able to finish the course in the allowed time but after reviewing my old race times I know I am fully capable. I have run the Baltimore half marathon multiple times but the most recent (2010) it was my worst finishing time ever. Throughout the entire race I had the worst stomach ache and had to stop multiple times to use the bathroom and take extended walk breaks. I completed the race with my now brother-in-law and we told ourselves we would finish in under 3 hours. We finished in 2:59:45- even though it was not a good time we were proud of ourselves for finishing under our goal time, even if it was only by seconds. I typically run a half marathon right around 2:30 so my goal for this race is 3:30. My ultimate goal is to finish but I think putting a number with it will help keep me motivated through the race.

My sister was visiting this weekend and we had time to talk about our upcoming trip and race. We have already planned to hit up Pizza Mart where they have slices of pizza that may cover the span of my pregnant belly and then some, and as I mentioned before Georgetown Cupcakes. I have not been to Washington DC since  I was in 8th grade and our class took an overnight trip so I am excited to see the Monuments and the area that I have not seen since I was 14 –which was 13 years ago. I will be relieved when this race is over. I think I will enjoy running more once it is over, knowing that my run is just for fun and exercise and not for training.

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