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In quite a funk…

Kristens Phone Pics 038I am tired. I come home from work every day exhausted and do not even feel like going for a walk, let alone a run. I have even struggled to find the motivation to write a few paragraphs here!

I have been busy all night doing my duties (cooking, dishes, baby, baking for school, ect) and racking my brain of why I am so tired and then it hit me…. I am 27 week pregnant. It is crazy how week to week I can feel so different. Last week I was super busy and still managed to crank out 19.6 miles and this week I have only walked a total of 7.8! I currently will owe 5 miles tomorrow according to my April Challenge and I am determined to get it done- some how, some way. I must admit I am not always good at 100% following through with things. For example I started out my half marathon training awesome- doing every scheduled run and sometimes a little extra. After about a month into it, I hit my funk. Laziness set it and it did not matter to me if I missed an entire week of the training. I unfortunately let one little thing throw my whole flow off. I am blaming this week on the terrible 3- hour glucose test. Just as I predicted I passed the test fine. The actual day of the test however I thought I may need to go to the hospital. I am not one to assume something is terribly wrong ever and Monday I was seriously concerned. After fasting, taking the 3 hour glucose test and finally being about to leave lab corp I had the worst stomach pains ever! For about a solid hour I wondered if I was going into labor it hurt so bad.

Come to find out drinking my awesome fruit punch flavored drink out of a straw was not a good idea. The good news is that I survived, I passed the test and the killer stomach pains went away- unfortunately starting my Monday like that has put me in a funk all week- more good news is that my work week is over tomorrow and the weekend will be here. I may let a funk act as a big grey rain cloud over my head during the week, but move out of the way because the weekend is mine! 5 Miles on the docket for tomorrow. I will not fail this challenge!

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