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Success with a touch of failure

20130413-213249.jpgSo when it comes to miles accomplished this week, as well as surviving a full work week, open house, doctor’s appointment, yard work and the regular duties that come along with being a wife and mother I was very successful! Between running and walking I was able to cram in 19.6 miles this week. We have had georgous weather and I have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible! I have kept up with my April running challenge and I must say it has been quite a great motivator! I have recently told some of students that I broke 100 miles so now they like to constantly ask me how many miles I have run. I now feel like I have another accountability group and I like it!

I feel like I am officially starting to feel pregnant now- as I am closing out week 26 and the second trimester. Sleeping has already become uncomfortable at times and I am wishing I had a bathroom attached to my classroom! My clothes are no longer fitting well and it is time to dig out the next size up of clothes. As I mentioned before I did have a doctor’s appointment this week. Along with my regular check up I got my lab slip to have my 1- hour glucose test done. This is a test a dread because last year I failed the 1-hour and was given the bad news I had to sit through the 3-hour fasting glucose test. I passed the 3-hour test fine, and having blood drawn 4 times did not even bother me that much, it was the fact that I had to sit at lab corp for 3 hours and answer the same set of questions multiple times, and try to convince myself that I was not starving to death. Last year I contributed my failed 1-hour test due to the fact that I had a sweetened ice tea and a few slices of the Amish friendship bread that easily has 7 cups of sugar in it when that recipe is all said and done during the day that I had my test done. This year knowing that I would more than likely be given the slip to get this test done, I was very careful to not consume much sugar at all. I made my trip over to lab corp did the 1-hour deed and went home with every hope I would pass this test so I would not have to endure the terrible 3-hour test again. Well the bad news came on Friday… I failed my test AGAIN! I was so bummed! So now first thing Monday morning I will be reporting to Lab corp to enjoy at least 3 hours in their office. I am again hoping for the best that these results will come back fine, just like they did when I was pregnant last time. This time it is a fasting test so no food 12 hours before the test and no food for the 3 hours I sit in the office, yes that is at least 15 hours with no food! I think I will treat myself to a large Oreo mcflurry when it is all said and done-and don’t even think I am not going to ask for extra Oreo because that will be happening. Keep your fingers crossed! Here is to another successful week and a passed glucose tolerance test! Enjoy what is left of the weekened and keep on running!

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