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Rest Day


So this may be the first time in my history of working out/ running that I actually feel like I earned a rest day. Usually I take off days, yes I said days, at a time to take a break from working out, but I am trying to put my old, naughty ways behind me. This week I ended up logging 17.1 miles-  this may be a record of most miles ever run in a week! For me, a wanna be runner, this is a great accomplishment and was happy to feel I actually earned a day off. Tomorrow I must go back to the real world of work and juggling dinners, open houses, babysitters, doctors appointments, ect but I will not let my running take a back seat, at least I hope it doesn’t. I am participating in a running challenge for the month of April- it is awesome. You have to run at least a mile a day-easy right? Well if you miss one day you must run 3 the next day and if you skip two days you must run 5 miles. I successfully ran each day this week except for today so tomorrow I will need to run at least 3. Like I posted about the other day set a goal- it really can make all the difference.

My day of rest has been great but I must say I have felt so lazy and tired since I have done any type of physical activity. I had this same feeling yesterday and I jumped on the treadmill, knocked out two miles, and felt awesome the rest of the night. Tonight being the last night of my spring break I want to keep this tired and lazy feeling. I have gotten so much done this week it feels nice to embrace this  tired and accomplished feeling. Get ready for Monday all, attack it head on with your goal for the week in sight. My goal is simple: Survive, have fun, and get some miles in. What is your goal for the week?

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