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100 miles

20130405-174258.jpgSo after my (rest day) walk with my little stroller buddy I broke 100 miles! My goal for the year is to run/walk 500+ miles. I am trying to get in as many miles as possible before baby #2 comes but that is not always easy. I know most runners cover 100 miles in no time, but as I have stated before I am just a wanna be runner. I set my goal back in January and feel pretty accomplished that I have the first 100 checked off my list. When I was in elementary school I remember celebrating the 100th day of school. I was not really sure why this was an important thing to do but I can tell you now I feel like celebrating that 100 miles are DONE! My celebrating will not be as nearly as exciting as it was in elementary school when my mom and I made a  wreath out of gold spray painted gum balls but I will try!

So now only 399 more miles to go. I use runkeeper to keep track of my miles. If you do not use this app I would start! It is such an easy way to set a running goal for yourself and see you slowly creeping to your end point! Speaking of goals I also encourage anyone that has not set some type of fitness goal for themself to just do it already! I figure even if I do not reach 500 miles I ran/walked a whole lot more miles than I would have if I would have not set a goal for myself. So what are you waiting for… Set a goal!

What kind of fitness goal have you set for yourself?

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